Promethean Project

This team borrows titular inspiration from the Greek myth of Prometheus, a god that brought fire to earth for people to be freed from darkness and ignorance. Our team had similar aspirations to reduce confusion and increase clarity in our users' environment. Each team member's background contributed valuable knowhow to our group initiative: design a useful tool for EDP operators. This endeavor was a true exercise in interdisciplinary collaboration. Read about the unique, complementary qualities of our team below.

Aditya Ben Marwa Nelson
Leading design for this project, Aditya Guarajan synthesizes user research into an effective, cohesive solution for users. He draws on background in information engineering to effectively communicate design with the development lead for a coherent user experience. Previous he graduated from Mumbai University in Information Technology. Most recently he interned at Google in California. Head of research is Ben Nimmons. He leads interview protocol, prepares his team to work with research participants to ensure valid, reliable findings, and compiles project data into practical visualizations to fuel the team’s design approach. He has formal training in behavior assessment and exercises discretion to balance users’ sentiments with quantitative data. Ben also owns part of design including this website. Project management is under Marwa Muhammed. She maintains all external and internal communications and sets plans and expectations. She studied Computer Science at Bryn Mawr College previously. She worked as a programmer, systems analyst, and business analyst before starting the Master’s program. She is passionate about interaction design, entrepreneurship, and education development. Tech development is led by Nelson Alves. He started at University of Madeira and worked as a developer for a local tourism software firm, then as an UX consultant for a couple of startups before this project. His background in software development and skills acquired from the MHCI make him a talented and proficient prototyper. Last summer Nelson interned at Apple in Austin, Texas.